China Glaze My Little Pony Toppers | Swatch & Review

Upon seeing the pictures of the new China Glaze My Little Pony collection, they didn’t really do anything for me. I wasn’t originally going to get any of them. Until I saw JessFace90 swatch them. You can watch that video here.πŸ‘‡

The only two that really grabbed me were to two toppers, ‘Hay Girl Hay!’ and ‘Let Your Twilight Sparkle.’ So I bought them both. 

This is a macro of ‘Hay Girl Hay!’πŸ‘‡

Here you have white micro glitters that shift different colours in different lights and angles, in a clear base.

This my first swatch photo.πŸ‘‡

The photo shows two coats over a black base.

This photo is the same but I added a matte top coat.

Now one coat over a white base.

The formula is quite thin, a little goes a long way. I didn’t have any trouble dispersing that glitter evening. It kind of did it itself. It does have slightly larger glitters in there that you can’t really see over the white, but you can over black.

Now on to ‘Let Your Twilight Sparkle.’ I think this is my favourite of the two.

Here is my first swatch photo.

The picture shows one coat over a black base. This is my favourite look out of the lot. This polish has purple to blue shifting duo chrome micro glitters in a clear base.

This photo shows one coat over a white base.

The formula is the same as ‘Hay Girl Hay!’ Maybe a little thinner, but it depends on your application.

Can we all just take a second to truly appreciate this beauty! 😍

Let me know if you get these!

Thank you for reading,



China Glaze – Bring On The Bubbly

The video for the last polish in the Ring In The New Year trio will be up tonight! Bring On The Bubbly! This can be used as a topper for the other two polishes in he collection, or on its own. In the video, I will show you how this can be used on its own or as a topper. #Nail #Nails #Nailart #Nailpolish #Nailvarnish #ChinaGlaze #RingInTheNewYear #Gold #Swatch #Review #Nailpolishreview #Swatchandreview #BringOnTheBubbly #Goldglitternailpolish

China Glaze – Better Not Pout – Swatch & Review Video

Here it is! The swatch video for Better Not Pout by China Glaze from the Ring In The New Year trio.
I adore this colour! It has amazing coverage and an amazing finish. It’s fairly easy to apply, though it is on the thinner side so if you have a bit too much on the brush, it will run down the sides of your nail. It is completely opaque in two coats and dries relatively quickly. When it’s dry, it feels like it already has top coat on it. It feels incredibly smooth. 

Thank you for watching and reading! 

Anne. πŸ˜€ 

China Glaze – Son Of A Nutcracker – Swatch & Review Video

​Here it is! The swatch and review video for Son Of A Nutcracker from China Glazes’ Ring In The New Year 2015 collection. This is one of my favourite polishes of all time, the application is great, the coverage is great and the colour is amazing! Thing only thing I would change, is the brush size, it is a little too thin for my liking. This gets a 4 out of 5 from me! 

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Purple Ombre With White Stamping – Picture Tutorial

Hi everybody! Welcome to another picture tutorial, today I’ll be showing you how to create this gorgeous, intricate looking nail art design. We’ll being doing a purple ombre with white net flower stamping, we’ll also be putting a few purple diamantes in the flowers. This design looks very intricate and tricky, but, to be honest, it really isn’t. I will say however, that it is quite time consuming. So don’t attempt this design if you have plans within the next couple of hours.

Here’s a list of what I used and what you’re going to need:

  1. Nail and Cuticle oil. (Optional)
  2. Nail polish remover.
  3. A cotton bud/Q tip. (Optional)
  4. A nail file. (Optional)
  5. A base coat.
  6. White nail polish. (I’m using Sally Hansen’s White On)
  7. Liquid latex/palisade. (Optional)
  8. A make up sponge.
  9. 3 shades of purple polish. (I used Sally Hansen’s Uptempo Plum, China Glaze Better Not Pout and Essie’s Style Hunter)
  10. A small paint brush/clean up brush. (Optional)
  11. A top coat.


If you’re going to do the stamping part of this design as well, you’ll need these:

  1. A stamper. (I’m using Born Pretty Stores clear jelly stamper)
  2. A scraper or old credit/membership card.
  3. A stamping plate with a net type design.
  4. Stamping polish or a thick, pigmented white polish. (I’m using Born Pretty Stores 6ml white stamping polish)


I’m adding diamantes to my nails, but if you don’t have them, this design looks just as good without them.


You don’t have to do a purple ombre, you can do any colour gradient you want.