Water Marble Tips & Tricks

Since I’ve started my Instagram page about a year ago, I’ve had people commenting on my water marble posts saying that they can’t get the hang of it. So I thought I’d write a blog to help those of you who struggle with water marbling.

I’m going to be honest, it took me a good two or three months to learn. But what I did learn, is that there isn’t a “knack.” There are merely things to remember. There isn’t one particular way of doing it. 

So let’s get into it…

The first thing that became very apparent to me was that all polishes water marble to a certain extent. 

But what polishes are the best?

Cream polishes. In my experience, they never fail. The majority of cream polishes have a thicker consistency. Therefore they take longer to dry in the water, you have more time to play with them. 

Also, metallics water marble well. 

What polishes should I avoid?

Chunky glitter polish, only micro glitter have a decent chance. Glitter polishes have a thinner base, so they dry quickly. You have much less time to work with. Also textured polishes aren’t the best.

Through all of my experiments, and there have been a lot! I’ve found that using the same brand really helps. You’re using the same consistency, so one colour won’t swallow another whole. 

Also, don’t mix different types of polish, like using a micro glitter and a cream probably won’t work. As the glitter will dry a lot quicker than the cream.

Most YouTube tutorials I’ve watched and blogs I’ve read say that room temperature water is the best. Personally, I use lukewarm water. Just run the tap until you feel the tiniest bit of warmth coming through. Then fill up your cup. Warmer water won’t allow the polish to dry as quickly. 

So what happens when the polish is on the water? Well, you can you a water marble tool that most nail art companies are selling now. Or, a sewing needle or a very small dotting tool. Gently drag the tool over the surface of the water, cleaning the tool on a tissue or cotton pad after each stroke. 

When you’re happy with the design, if the polish is still really wet, leave it for 20 – 30 seconds. The design should stick to the took but not come right up. Place your finger horizontally into the water and use a cotton bud (Q tip) to clean the water. When there is no dried polish left, pull your finger out.

Here is my latest water marble video. 👇

So I hope I helped some of you! Let me know if this worked for you. 

Thank you for reading,



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