Chrome Nails | Polish Or Powders?

Polish Or Powders?

Some of you that follow me on social media may have noticed that recently I have been playing around with chrome powders quite a bit. I wanted to write this blog to answer some questions that people may have, and help people decide whether or not it’s worth getting any.

So, about two years ago Instagram in particular went crazy over these “magic” powders. Nail technicians from all over the world began posting videos of the application process. Manufacturers like Born Pretty and What’s Up Nails started selling these powders like hot cakes and still are. Since then the chrome look has become a huge part of the nail industry, and not just for nail techs. People just (like me) who do nail art as a hobby love them as well.

Let’s answer some common questions…

Do you have to nail a qualified nail technician to buy or use these powders?

No, you don’t. Like I said, people who just do nail art as a hobby use these powders. Almost every nail art shop online sells these powders. eBay and Amazon sell these also. Although some online shops (usually salon equipment shops) require you to be a qualified nail technician to purchase from their stores. You don’t have be a nail tech to use them, although it is a good idea to have some knowledge of gel polish before using any. 

Can you use these chrome powders with regular nail polish?

Some companies claim that you can, however, I haven’t found this to be the case. I’ve tried this with Born Pretty and Elite99 powders and it’s all good until you go to dust off the excess powders and it comes off the nail. This is because gel polish has a slightly tacking surface unlike regular nail polish, allowing the powder to stick to the gel.

Are the powders expensive?

If you buy them from places like What’s Up Nails, then yes. Although they claim that this is the finest powder on the market, for one gram of their Alchemy Powder, you’ll pay nearly seventeen pounds. However, you can buy almost the exact same thing from Born Pretty Store for around three pounds.

Don’t chrome/multichrome nail polishes get the same effect?

Although companies are starting to create polishes that do get the same effect. Regular chrome and multichrome polishes don’t. With polishes, you get brush strokes, polishes have to self level. Though some don’t. Here are examples of purple to green shifting multichrome:

This is nail polish by Essie called “For The Twill Of It.”

This is Born Pretty Store’s powder:

So you can see the difference, the powder has very clear colour and no streaks. The polish is the opposite. Although For The Twill Of It is one of my favourite nail polishes.

Pros of powders:

1. The effect.

2. The vibrant colours.

3. The long wear time.

4. Being able to see your reflection in your nails. 😄

Cons of powders:

1. The mess.

2. The time it takes.

3. The expense. (In some cases.)

4. Having to use gel.

The the powders have good and bad points, it’s all down to personal preference. 

Here’s my application video of Born Pretty Store’s silver chrome powder.

I hope I helped you decide, let me know if you decide to get some, or what you think of powders. 

Thank you for reading,



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