My Water Marble Macro Obsession

My Water Marble Macro Obsession

So, ever since I got the water marble ‘knack’ as it were, I’ve been obsessed with taking up close photos. I find water marbling strangely satisfying. I love watching the colour spreading on the water. Anyway, I thought I’d show you guys on the blog the photos that I post on my Instagram.

This is one of my favourites, I used Essie’s “Bell Bottom Blues,” “Lapiz Of Luxury” and “Hide & Go Chic.”

So this one is similar, only I didn’t use “Hide & Go Chic.” And I used a different pattern.

Sticking with the blue theme, for this one I can’t remember what I used… It was quite some time ago.

I call this a “textured” water marble. I didn’t use textured polish, just one with small silver flakes. I used Barry M Frosted Cupcakes “Strawberries and Cream,” Barry M Coconut Infusion “Surfboard” and Barry M Sunset “Dark Side Of The ‘Shroom.”

For this one I used O.P.I’s “My Vampire Is Buff” and Revlon’s “Elegant.”

Last but not least is this one. Again, I can’t remember what I used. I really should start writing these down. 😉

So I hope you enjoyed seeing these, I really loved doing them. A lot of these don’t even make it onto my nails. I just create them, take a photo and discard it!

So I am going to be blogging more, please click the follow button for more!

Thank you for reading.

Anne. 🙂


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