Sinful Colors – Let’s Meet – Nail Polish Review

This is my nail polish review for Let’s Meet by Sinful Colors. I like the colour, but the formula is horrible to work with. I do like Sinful Colors but this particular polish disappointed me. 

It’s thick and gloopy but will still run down the side of your nail and flood your cuticle. Too much on the brush and it goes everywhere, too little on the brush and it barely covers the nail. It’s very patchy and the nail line is very apparent on the first coat. 

On the second coat, the colour becomes very vibrant. It does cover completely in two coats, which doesn’t bother me, but if you prefer to do thin coats, you will end up needing a third. 

All in all I like the colour, and it feels like it has a top coat on when it dries. It does have a nice finish. But the formula really isn’t something I like to work with. 

This gets a two out of five from me. 

Thank you for reading! 

Anne. 😀 


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