Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection Swatch & Review

Hi everyone, so I’ve got another collection review for you today. Five shades from Color Club’s Poptastic Pastel Neon collection. I bought five out of the seven, I skipped the blue because I have so many pastel blue polishes in my collection it’s unreal. Then there’s a green one that’s very similar to the other green in the collection (which I have) so there really didn’t seem much point in getting both. 

So the first polish is a yellow cream called ‘Disco’s Not Dead.’

The picture shows three coats over a white base colour. All of my Swatch pictures for this collection show the colours over a white base. I found that layering them over white got a closer colour to the bottle. If you didn’t apply these over a white, you would need four to five coats depending on your application.

This next polish is a peachy colour cream that in some lights looks pink. This is called ‘Hot-hot-hot Pants.’

I found this to be the thinnest polish of the five. It did want to run down the sides of my nails. I found that thinner coats are better, these polishes aren’t the fastest drying polishes ever. My Swatch photo shows three coats.

This is a classic pink cream called ‘Feathered Hair Out To There.’

No matter what skin tone you have, these polishes always make your skin look a lot darker than it actually is. Again, this picture shows three coats.

This next polish is my favourite of the collection, it’s a purple cream called ‘Diggin’ The Dancing Queen.’

This had the best formula of all of them, my swatch photo only shows two coats. 

The last polish is called ‘Til’ The Record Stops.’ This is a light mint green cream.

This shows three coats.

Although these polishes are sheer and thin, when built up, they make beautiful looking gradients! Here I used ‘Feathered Hair Out To There’ and ‘Diggin’ The Dancing Queen’ and a glitter topper from Sally Hansen called ‘Ice Pop.’

They also water marble, but used warm water. Because they’re so thin, they spread and dry on the water very quickly. 

So, which is your favourite from the collection? Let me know!

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Barry M Molten Metals | Swatch & Review

So recently, on one of my YouTube videos, someone commented asking what the Barry M Molten Metals were like. So, I thought I’d write a blog on that exact subject.

So I’m going to talk about three of the polishes, one from the first Molten Metal collection, and two from the latest collection. 

So, let’s get right into it.

I’m going to start with ‘Bronze Bae.’ This polish is from the first Molten Metal collection for spring/summer 2016.

This is a light bronze metallic polish. Here’s my swatch photo.πŸ‘‡

Pretty nice right? The photo shows three coats and no top coat. I have to say that I use this so much in my nail art. My bottle is almost empty. 

I’m going to say it from the get go, these polishes are thin. But from my experience, sometimes building thinner polishes up enhances the colour. But you do have to be careful, thinner polishes, these polishes in particular, do like to run. I got a bit of pooling in my cuticles several times. πŸ˜‚

Next is ‘Blue Glacier.’ This polish is from the spring/summer 2017 collection.

This is a gorgeous ice blue, cool toned metallic polish. Again, the picture shows three coats and no top coat. This polish has a slightly thicker consistency than Bronze Bae, but not by much.

Here is my swatch video of Blue Glacier, I only did the one application video because they all apply the same.

The last polish is ‘Holographic Lights.’ Also from the 2017 collection.

As far as I know, Barry M haven’t done a linear holographic before. So I was seriously excited to get my hands on this. Holographic Lights is my favourite out of the three. Again, this picture shows three coats and no top coat. The holo doesn’t show a lot in ordinary light, it just looks like your basic silver polish. However, you do get that gorgeous linear holo goodness in direct sunlight or artificial light, such as a desk lamp. 

Barry M retweeted my macro of the polish and people really liked it! 

So, all in all, I do like the Molten Metals. They are good, but in my opinion, they’re nothing spectacular. Certainly nothing to write home about. Well, maybe I’d write about Holographic Lights… πŸ˜‚ Holosexual over here. πŸ™Œ

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China Glaze My Little Pony Toppers | Swatch & Review

Upon seeing the pictures of the new China Glaze My Little Pony collection, they didn’t really do anything for me. I wasn’t originally going to get any of them. Until I saw JessFace90 swatch them. You can watch that video here.πŸ‘‡

The only two that really grabbed me were to two toppers, ‘Hay Girl Hay!’ and ‘Let Your Twilight Sparkle.’ So I bought them both. 

This is a macro of ‘Hay Girl Hay!’πŸ‘‡

Here you have white micro glitters that shift different colours in different lights and angles, in a clear base.

This my first swatch photo.πŸ‘‡

The photo shows two coats over a black base.

This photo is the same but I added a matte top coat.

Now one coat over a white base.

The formula is quite thin, a little goes a long way. I didn’t have any trouble dispersing that glitter evening. It kind of did it itself. It does have slightly larger glitters in there that you can’t really see over the white, but you can over black.

Now on to ‘Let Your Twilight Sparkle.’ I think this is my favourite of the two.

Here is my first swatch photo.

The picture shows one coat over a black base. This is my favourite look out of the lot. This polish has purple to blue shifting duo chrome micro glitters in a clear base.

This photo shows one coat over a white base.

The formula is the same as ‘Hay Girl Hay!’ Maybe a little thinner, but it depends on your application.

Can we all just take a second to truly appreciate this beauty! 😍

Let me know if you get these!

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Water Marble Tips & Tricks

Since I’ve started my Instagram page about a year ago, I’ve had people commenting on my water marble posts saying that they can’t get the hang of it. So I thought I’d write a blog to help those of you who struggle with water marbling.

I’m going to be honest, it took me a good two or three months to learn. But what I did learn, is that there isn’t a “knack.” There are merely things to remember. There isn’t one particular way of doing it. 

So let’s get into it…

The first thing that became very apparent to me was that all polishes water marble to a certain extent. 

But what polishes are the best?

Cream polishes. In my experience, they never fail. The majority of cream polishes have a thicker consistency. Therefore they take longer to dry in the water, you have more time to play with them. 

Also, metallics water marble well. 

What polishes should I avoid?

Chunky glitter polish, only micro glitter have a decent chance. Glitter polishes have a thinner base, so they dry quickly. You have much less time to work with. Also textured polishes aren’t the best.

Through all of my experiments, and there have been a lot! I’ve found that using the same brand really helps. You’re using the same consistency, so one colour won’t swallow another whole. 

Also, don’t mix different types of polish, like using a micro glitter and a cream probably won’t work. As the glitter will dry a lot quicker than the cream.

Most YouTube tutorials I’ve watched and blogs I’ve read say that room temperature water is the best. Personally, I use lukewarm water. Just run the tap until you feel the tiniest bit of warmth coming through. Then fill up your cup. Warmer water won’t allow the polish to dry as quickly. 

So what happens when the polish is on the water? Well, you can you a water marble tool that most nail art companies are selling now. Or, a sewing needle or a very small dotting tool. Gently drag the tool over the surface of the water, cleaning the tool on a tissue or cotton pad after each stroke. 

When you’re happy with the design, if the polish is still really wet, leave it for 20 – 30 seconds. The design should stick to the took but not come right up. Place your finger horizontally into the water and use a cotton bud (Q tip) to clean the water. When there is no dried polish left, pull your finger out.

Here is my latest water marble video. πŸ‘‡

So I hope I helped some of you! Let me know if this worked for you. 

Thank you for reading,


Chrome Nails | Polish Or Powders?

Polish Or Powders?

Some of you that follow me on social media may have noticed that recently I have been playing around with chrome powders quite a bit. I wanted to write this blog to answer some questions that people may have, and help people decide whether or not it’s worth getting any.

So, about two years ago Instagram in particular went crazy over these “magic” powders. Nail technicians from all over the world began posting videos of the application process. Manufacturers like Born Pretty and What’s Up Nails started selling these powders like hot cakes and still are. Since then the chrome look has become a huge part of the nail industry, and not just for nail techs. People just (like me) who do nail art as a hobby love them as well.

Let’s answer some common questions…

Do you have to nail a qualified nail technician to buy or use these powders?

No, you don’t. Like I said, people who just do nail art as a hobby use these powders. Almost every nail art shop online sells these powders. eBay and Amazon sell these also. Although some online shops (usually salon equipment shops) require you to be a qualified nail technician to purchase from their stores. You don’t have be a nail tech to use them, although it is a good idea to have some knowledge of gel polish before using any. 

Can you use these chrome powders with regular nail polish?

Some companies claim that you can, however, I haven’t found this to be the case. I’ve tried this with Born Pretty and Elite99 powders and it’s all good until you go to dust off the excess powders and it comes off the nail. This is because gel polish has a slightly tacking surface unlike regular nail polish, allowing the powder to stick to the gel.

Are the powders expensive?

If you buy them from places like What’s Up Nails, then yes. Although they claim that this is the finest powder on the market, for one gram of their Alchemy Powder, you’ll pay nearly seventeen pounds. However, you can buy almost the exact same thing from Born Pretty Store for around three pounds.

Don’t chrome/multichrome nail polishes get the same effect?

Although companies are starting to create polishes that do get the same effect. Regular chrome and multichrome polishes don’t. With polishes, you get brush strokes, polishes have to self level. Though some don’t. Here are examples of purple to green shifting multichrome:

This is nail polish by Essie called “For The Twill Of It.”

This is Born Pretty Store’s powder:

So you can see the difference, the powder has very clear colour and no streaks. The polish is the opposite. Although For The Twill Of It is one of my favourite nail polishes.

Pros of powders:

1. The effect.

2. The vibrant colours.

3. The long wear time.

4. Being able to see your reflection in your nails. πŸ˜„

Cons of powders:

1. The mess.

2. The time it takes.

3. The expense. (In some cases.)

4. Having to use gel.

The the powders have good and bad points, it’s all down to personal preference. 

Here’s my application video of Born Pretty Store’s silver chrome powder.

I hope I helped you decide, let me know if you decide to get some, or what you think of powders. 

Thank you for reading,


My Water Marble Macro Obsession

My Water Marble Macro Obsession

So, ever since I got the water marble ‘knack’ as it were, I’ve been obsessed with taking up close photos. I find water marbling strangely satisfying. I love watching the colour spreading on the water. Anyway, I thought I’d show you guys on the blog the photos that I post on my Instagram.

This is one of my favourites, I used Essie’s “Bell Bottom Blues,” “Lapiz Of Luxury” and “Hide & Go Chic.”

So this one is similar, only I didn’t use “Hide & Go Chic.” And I used a different pattern.

Sticking with the blue theme, for this one I can’t remember what I used… It was quite some time ago.

I call this a “textured” water marble. I didn’t use textured polish, just one with small silver flakes. I used Barry M Frosted Cupcakes “Strawberries and Cream,” Barry M Coconut Infusion “Surfboard” and Barry M Sunset “Dark Side Of The ‘Shroom.”

For this one I used O.P.I’s “My Vampire Is Buff” and Revlon’s “Elegant.”

Last but not least is this one. Again, I can’t remember what I used. I really should start writing these down. πŸ˜‰

So I hope you enjoyed seeing these, I really loved doing them. A lot of these don’t even make it onto my nails. I just create them, take a photo and discard it!

So I am going to be blogging more, please click the follow button for more!

Thank you for reading.

Anne. πŸ™‚

O.P.I Glitter Off | Swatch & Review

So, as promised, here is my review for O.P.Is’ Glitter Off base coat. This can be found at most mainstream online shops (eBay, Amazon, Nail Polish Direct, Rainbow Connection ect…) for around Β£8 – Β£15. 

I’m going to start by saying that buying this product can be tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. If you search ‘peel off base coat,’ this product probably won’t show up. Purely because, this is not listed by O.P.I as a peel off base coat. It is listed as Natural Nail Base Coat (peelable nail polish.) Most of O.P.Is’ base coats are called ‘Natural Nail’ base coats. The only noticeable difference when searching for this product is the cap. Which says ‘Glitter Off.’ So, I would suggest searching ‘O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat,’ this should give you the best results. 

Anyway, here is my swatch video. 👇

Pretty impressive right? 

I also tried this peel off base coat with glitter on for 24 hours and, just like in the video, there was no chipping or lifting anywhere. 


The application with this product is good, it is on the thinner side and will easily flood your cuticles if too much is applied to the nail at once. The brush is great, unlike most polish brushes, this is short. The bristles are short and a decent width so the three stroke technique can certainly be used. 


This base coat is glue based, so it goes on white and streaky, but dries clear. It dries a little matte, and very smooth. It does take about 4 – 5 minutes to dry. Which, in my books, isn’t too bad.


As said above and in the video, this is very durable. I washed up and took showers without anything chipping or lifting. With both glitter and ordinary nail polish.


The removal is very easy. As you saw in the video, I just used an orange wood stick (wooden cuticle pusher) and started from the cuticle to the tip. I had to push quite hard to get it to lift at first, but then it came off in two clean pieces and left no trace. I have had them come off in once piece to.

All in all, this is my new favourite base coat. I don’t like using nail polish remover so this was the answer to my prayers. 

This peel off base coat gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

I hope you enjoyed my swatch and review blog. As always, if you have any enquiries, you can email me at

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Nail Art On Short Nails

So, this is my first blog in a while. I mean, a proper blog. No nail polish or product reviews today. I wanted to talk about nail art on short nails. A kind of confidence boost for those of you that aren’t happy with the length of your nails.

So, this picture. 👇 Is a picture of one of my first nail art designs. I didn’t shape them, I didn’t put fancy base coats or oils on them, in fact, I think when these were done, I didn’t even own a base coat. And clearly, I hadn’t even heard of a clean up brush! 😂 

At that point, I was aspiring to have nails like Christine’s from Simply Nailogical, or Sveta Sanders and twi_star. Compared to theirs, my nails looked nothing special. But, I’m a positive person, so, I looked for the positives. They were beginners at one point! I bet you any money you like that they, at one point or another, got frustrated with all nail art and didn’t pick up a nail polish for a week or so. What I’m saying is, this happens when you’re starting anything new. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Having patience and acceptance is great for slowly building yourself up. 

The picture above was taken just over a year ago, this is one of my latest designs. 👇

I would say that I’ve come a long way in a year. After a lot of time, dedication and money, I’m really starting to get somewhere. I started pages on most social media platforms for my nail art. I tried my best to get myself out there. It’s paying off. Recently, my posts have been liked by Sally Hansen, Orly, Floss Gloss, Tux Polish, Barry M and more… I’m not bragging, I’m saying that it took me over a year to get this far. I guess the moral of this story is don’t be so hard on yourself! 

I see a lot of hate messages online from people commenting on posts saying ‘your nails are too short’ or ‘you should use some oil.’ Which, in this day and age is inevitable, but, completely unnecessary. I don’t understand why people don’t like nail art on nails that don’t reach the end of the finger tip. What’s so wrong about it? I can’t grow my nails very long at all. They get to about two thirds of a centimetre above my fingertips, and then, if I try to grow them longer, they break. It has always happened. So, I don’t grow them any longer than that. But some people can’t have longer nails at all, they find them awkward and easily breakable. Which, I can completely sympathise with. 

I went through a phase of hating the length of my nails, so I used fake ones. 

Which now, I deeply regret. Only now, my nails have recovered. I still have a few ridges. I learnt my lesson there. Embrace what you naturally have.

I think that anybody can do nail art, with any length of nails. It’s just a case of making the most of what you have. I like the length of my nails now. Yes, they break, yes, they’re relatively short. Yes, occasionally I do have to cut them right down and let them regrow. But, they’re easy to manage and I still have plenty of nail art space on them. 

Love your nails! 😘

I hope you enjoyed this blog! 

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Anne. X

Born Pretty Store Cotton Claw | Product Review

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t written an actual blog in a long time, but I’ve been focusing on my nail art videos. Which are going really well. 

So today I have my first product review for you! The Born Pretty Store cotton claw. 
I’m not going to do the traditional, write a lot and only at the end I say whether or not it’s good, thing. So I’m going to say, right off the bat, it’s brilliant. 🙌

So, if you don’t want to read on. Here’s my quick video of using the product. 👇

So, basically this is used to clean up stamping plates. We all know the frustration caused when we try and clean the stamping plate with a nail polish soaked cotton ball and our bare hands, only to have bits of cotton stuck to your slowly drying, freshly painted nails. Then you try and fix it and only make it worse… πŸ‘Ώ Yes, we’ve all been there. So, when I bought this handy little contraption, my prayers were answered! If I didn’t have Fibromyalgia, I would have been jumping for joy. 😝 

So, it looks like a posh pen. Until you push down the end, and it turns into something that looks like a form of medevil torture. 😂 The claw itself extents a fair bit. It’s plenty big enough for the average cotton ball. It’s sprongs are very sharp, I found out the hard way… 😒 I found that tearing each cotton ball in half allows the nail polish remover to soak into the cotton a lot easier. When you haven’t torn it in half, it’s too dense and you end up using twice as many cotton balls, and a lot more nail polish remover. 

All in all, this is a genius product and it’s saved many of my manicures. I would highly recommend buying this product. You can get it from Born Pretty Store for Β£2.10. Or, click the link below. 👇
Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment and share. 

Anne. X

O.P.I Make Mine Sparkling Swatch & Review Video

Here is my swatch video for @opi_products Limited Edition Make Mine Sparkling duo set. I love this duo, they go really well together. The navy blue is a ONE COAT WONDER! It’s amazing. It has a gorgeous smooth formula and it dries really shiny. Then there’s the glitter polish… Which I’m sure is supposed to be a topper. But then why does it have a blue base colour? So I tried it on its own, which did not work. It definitely needs to be sponged on or used as a topper. Enjoy the video!